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The focus of Softline’s CSR strategy is education. The rationale for this is that today’s investment in education will empower the youth of our country to aspire towards uplifting themselves as well as their broader communities in the future.

The Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre was established in 1998 andis dedicated to Holocaust and genocide education and memory. The JHGC works widely in the field of Holocaust, human rights and genocide education.  In 2007, the South African Department of Education implemented a new National Curriculum, which contains a strong human rights focus.  Having operated from temporary premises, the JHGC has recently secured ground on which to build a permanent centre, which  will be a centre of learning for young and old, from all walks of life, to come together to learn from the histories of the Holocaust and the genocide in Rwanda.


The sales team from Softline Pastel donated their time and year end function money to donate 1800 meals to Stop Hunger Now! The team will go out with volunteers over the next months to help with the distribution of their donated food parcels and see first-hand what difference their donation will make.

Feeling inspired with the Madiba Magic, Softline spent our 67 minutes with the children of Afrika Tikkun.

We spent a colourful morning painting egg cartons to sound proof their hall.

It was a fun filled morning celebrating the life and achievements of the wonderful Madiba!

Happy 94’th birthday Mr Nelson Mandela!