Jenny Venter

Jenny is an Organisational Development Specialist at Sage VIP, who helps clients  overcome any human capital challenges.In 2010, her  passion for starting new things gave her an opportunity to start the Organisational Development Consulting unit.

Jenny’s secret to a healthy work-life balance: I spend 30 minutes every morning reviewing my principles in life and answering for myself the following three questions: “It is important for me to not only spend quality time with my clients, but also with family and friends and to take some time for myself to recharge and reflect on my daily experiences.”

 - What values am I willing to be punished for?

- What results am I trying to achieve?

- Which activities today will have an 80% or greater impact on results?

Jenny’s advice to other women in a corporate environment:

·    Come to work with an attitude of curiosity and willingness to be challenged

·    Be fearless without losing your feminine touch. Who you are, determines the quality and effectiveness of your leadership.

I believe Peter Block said it best: “The delivery vehicle of my expertise is my humanity.”