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Deciding to spend money on a software solution to tighten financial control is a useful and prudent decision for small businesses.  Owners and managers must choose wisely to ensure the solution matches the overall business requirements and that they are not purchasing a solution favoured only by the accountant or IT manager.

Many small business owners often turn to their accountant with the question of what software to use.  In larger companies, the IT department recommends a solution that matches their preferred technical platform and not software that might be incorrect for their financial requirements. This is where issues often arise.

It is vital to find the right software solution that not only details where you have been, but more importantly, helps you to navigate where you are going. By providing both an overview, and then delving deeper into the details, owners are better equipped to evaluate the business environment.

So, how should a SME owner or manager go about choosing accounting software, and who should be involved?  Here are a few tips:

  1. Define your scope and understand your functional requirements
  2. Determine who might be involved in the process and how much you’re able to spend
  3. Match points 1 and 2 to the solutions available in the market.

Since the evaluation process can be fairly lengthy and require time from your team, it is worth narrowing the field as soon as possible and considering in detail those products that are likely options.

Remember, you might not need hefty solutions with a plethora of features. The right vendor will assist you in finding a solution with sufficient functionality to support your company well into the future, assuring far greater fiscal discipline and laying a firm foundation for financial success.

The National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) alongside official sponsor Nedbank, has been promoting the concept of Small Business Friday. The initiative, which culminates on Friday the 7th of September, aims to promote and support small business throughout South Africa.  Literature on the official website states that the future of the SA economy and the solution to unemployment lies in assisting small business to grow and thrive.

This concept has been close to our hearts since the inception of Softline, and as such, we will be supporting Small Business Friday during the course of next week through the posting of helpful tips, hints and advice for small business owners.

As a starting point, we’d like to point out a few opportunities for small business to gain recognition in SA through several awards taking place at the moment. The first of which is the Small Business Awards run by Softline Pastel and 567 Cape Talk. The following was taken from the official press release issued by the awards organisers:

The small business sector in South Africa has the potential to make a significant contribution to economic growth and employment. It is through innovation that better service and increased employment becomes a natural consequence. The annual Small Business Awards in partnership with 567 Cape Talk and Softline Pastel, focuses on supporting and fostering this entrepreneurial culture and have done so since 2008. Entries for the 2012 nominations have now opened.

Once again, consumers are asked to nominate businesses that have provided them with excellent service. From the hundreds of businesses that are nominated, 30 are selected and the business owners are interviewed on either the Kieno Kammies breakfast or the John Maytham drive shows on 567 Cape Talk.

So chat to your customers, let them know about the awards, and then hold thumbs for a nomination. Check out the site at visit www.sba.capetalk.co.za/ for more. Good luck!

The second award to highlight is the National Small Business Champion Awards.  This award aims to recognise the tireless journey of small business success and provides business owners recognition for their outstanding achievements.

The website for the awards  is http://www.nsbc.org.za/index.php?nav=champions and it lists the following criteria for entry:

All service, commercial or industrial companies that manufacture or sell a product or service. Such companies are not allowed to be:

  • Members or affiliated members of a listed group on a national or international stock exchange
  • A government or semi-government enterprise
  • An enterprise in whom government is a stakeholder

Visit the site and get your entry in!

We hope to see you on the blog next week for small business tips and hints. Have a great weekend!