What is the initiative “Men in the Making”?

The Men in the Making initiative was launched on the 25th of March 2009 and immediately gained support and endorsement from the Department of Basic Education, for which we are eternally grateful. The Department saw this initiative to be in line with their Girl Education Movement (GEM) and  Boy Education Movement School programmes; the (BEM)in particular.

The concept was derived from the realisation that the boy‐child in South Africa is calling out or attention, help, recognition and acknowledgement as he grapples with the challenges of life and the suppression that he sometimes experiences as more and more focus and glamour is placed on girl children.

Softline Pastel Accounting supports “Men in the Making”- Pastel Accounting  hosted 11 boys from Parktown Boys’ High School as part of the Men in the Making initiative, sponsored by Tracker. Men in the Making strives to build and restore the confidence of male school learners in South Africa by developing their understanding of business in our country.

In the boy’s own words…

“Steven Cohen is the coolest MD I have ever met”,

” the Pastel Culture is amazing”

And the greatest quote from one of the boys was “I would love to work here one day”.

From these quotes you can clearly see from these men in the making, they truly enjoyed spending the day with us at Pastel.We would like to thank BEE123 for embracing the men in the making initiative and the Human Resource department for support this course.  

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