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CANSA Shavathon 2012

ImageSpray, shave or eat! This was the theme of the day for the annual Softline CANSA Shavathon hosted nationally at Softline and its divisions around the country.
At Softline we believe that giving is receiving, and this year our team really came out in full force to support the CANSA Shavathon!
Softline pledged to match each employee donation received on the day, and we are glad to report that the Softline Group showed its generosity! Further proceeds were generated for the CANSA from the sale of delicious boerewors and prego rolls. We were fortunate enough to have assistance from Gary Rom hair stylists; to ensure those brave hearts over who opted to shave, looked great!
Softline Group is very proud to have raised over R115,000.00 in total for CANSA this year!
This is a well-loved and supported initiative that we at Softline look forward to hosting every year!

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Redistribution of wealth does not drive economic growth. It is the creation of wealth that drives growth. To create wealth, we need to create jobs. High unemployment risks national stability and therefore requires significant spend in social grants. Grants are effective for the alleviation of poverty but are not effective for economic growth and job creation. The more government spends on social grants, the less money there is available for investment in economic growth; the less investment in economic growth, the more unemployment; the more unemployment the more social grant expenditure is required – this is the conundrum.

- Rob Wilkie, CFO Softline and Sage AAMEA