Education matters and governments commitment to spending more over the medium term is certainly welcome.

When considering the skills an entrepreneur requires to succeed in building a business we tend to focus on vision and creativity, selling technique, planning and people management. What we often overlook are the basic skills of writing and speaking.

Writing is an important part of thinking, communicating and selling; speaking opens the interests of other and welcomes your proposition; and the best way to enhance these skills is by reading.  These are the most dominant skills we learn in school and are the foundation to our education.

Pravin Gordhan said in his budget speech that to put our economy on a more rapid growth path, we needed to effectively direct and manage improvements in education and skills development.

Education is not a luxury but a responsibility that we as parents owe to our children.  It is said that upon the education of our children, the fate of our country depends.

-By Rob Wilkie, CFO Softline and Sage AAMEA