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Rob Cooper, a Payroll tax expert at Softline VIP, part of the Sage Group plc says that 2012 will prove to be the starting year for a number of major new employment legislation initiatives.

Read about all the proposed changes in legislation regarding contributions to medical schemes, the Youth Subsidy project, retirement funds and annuities in the full article on the Softline website

Looking further ahead, SARS is still investigating the possibility of implementing a social security tax. “The legislation surrounding social security tax is however still on the table. In essence, the legislation will combine UIF, the road accident fund, social grants and the compensation fund under a ‘social security’ umbrella that will function as a holistic entity. It will effectively modernise and streamline the process” explains Cooper.

SARS is also looking at amending labour legislation. “There are quite a few aspects surrounding labour legislation that are currently under review,” says Cooper.

• Close down or regulate labour brokers

• Redefine an employer

• Introduce the concept of ‘decent work’ into legislation

• ‘Widen’ the definition of an employee

• Introduce a national ‘job placement’ system

Cooper says the labour legislation should be in draft form by no later than April 2012 and unless there is huge public opposition, could be promulgated into law by December 2012. The Minister of Labour is currently pushing very hard to move even faster than these dates.

“2012 will certainly be an interesting year as far as HR and Payroll administrative changes are concerned. It will therefore be advisable for practitioners in the field to stay abreast of changes in the New Year” concludes Cooper.

Softline part of The Sage Group plc and leading provider of business management software to SME’s, has acquired business intelligence technology company Alchemex.

What is Alchemex?
Alchemex provides affordable and flexible excel-based business intelligence software for SME’s. It bridges the gap between Excel spreadsheets and the data that lives in the business application, by providing flexible, customer centric reporting. Businesses require timeous and quality information delivered in an easily understood and usable format. Alchemex fulfils this need. It can be deployed on either the desktop or the internet allowing real-time access to data from anywhere in the world.

Software Synergy for SME’s
The synergies between the businesses of Softline and Alchemex are readily apparent; the Alchemex business intelligence solution is a natural extension of Softline’s business applications; it serves the same market as Softline, being predominantly SMEs; and it affords existing and future users of Softline applications a greater breadth of service offering, under a single banner.

Better, Together: Quality, affordable SME business software
In a competitive market value-added offerings such as business intelligence are necessary to grow market share. Companies have a real need for an affordable tool such as Alchemex in order achieve a higher level of clarity in their business, to make better decisions and to become more profitable.

Charles Teversham, Managing Director of Alchemex South Africa comments, “Our strategy has been to align our product with the major accounting vendors so as to leverage their customer base. Being a market leader, Softline has therefore played a crucial role in our growth and was a natural home for Alchemex. We are very excited to be part of Softline and the wider Sage Group and look forward to working together to help SMEs get even more value and insight from their business software.”

Alchemex is a leading developer, enabler and support provider of affordable Excel-based Business Intelligence software for small to mid-market enterprises.

For over 25000 registered users in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe and North America, Alchemex’s reporting software provides immediate insight into meaningful information from across your business, delivering automated financial, payroll and management reports in the familiar environment of Microsoft® Excel®. The reports can be accessed at any time and are fully customizable with drill-down capabilities, allowing for enhanced collaboration and decision-making.

Alchemex integrates with leading accounting and payroll packages, pulling real-time data directly from the database, thereby eliminating manual report preparation and repetitive data extracts. Alchemex powers the Pastel Business Intelligence Centre for Pastel Evolution, Pastel Partner, Pastel Payroll and Pastel Xpress, Sage ERP Accpac Intelligence, Sage ERP MAS Intelligence for Sage ERP MAS 90-200 and Sage ERP MAS 500, Sage Peachtree Business Intelligence, Sage Simply Accounting Intelligence, Sage PFW ERP Intelligence, VIP Payroll’s Business Intelligence Manager.