Ivan Epstein CEO (and co-founder) of Softline and Sage AAMEA (Asia, Australia, Middle East and Africa) shares some of his insights into the results of the Sage Business Index, which has been conducted for the first time in South Africa to provide unique insights into the South African SMME business landscape for start-up’s, small businesses, medium enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Ivan Epstein

Ivan Epstein

Here are some interesting snippets:

“It is apparent from the research that South African small to mid-sized businesses are more confident about their own businesses prospects than the prospects for the South African or the global economy.”

“Given the economic conditions in which South African businesses are operating, it is encouraging to see positive elements coming out of this research. Small businesses are less concerned by macro factors such as the global economy and are more focussed on getting on with business. For them it is about making their businesses work.”

“Even amidst a tougher economic climate, businesses are recognising the continued importance of investment into their businesses as this will continue to drive the growth and success of SME’s.”

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