Softline commemorates its eight years of being part of the Sage Group plc by joining the Group’s “30 years of Sage” celebration in July. Since joining the Sage Group plc in 2003, Softline has continued to grow from strength to strength as one of the leading business management software providers in sub-Saharan Africa.

Ivan Epstein, the Co-Founder and CEO of Softline, says that he is extremely proud to represent Sage in the newly formed AAMEA (Africa, Australia, Middle East & Asia) region at such an auspicious time for the company.

“Reaching a 30 year milestone is significant for any company regardless of size. It is not only an opportunity to reflect, but also to celebrate the individuals who make our company great. Through their hard work and dedication, we have become a leader in our field,” says Epstein.

He says that this milestone also serves as a reminder that Softline, and fellow Sage teams in 24 countries, are part of a global community of 13 600 employees with a shared vision of becoming the most admired and respected software provider in the world.

With over 6 million customers worldwide, Epstein says that preserving the Group’s exceptional customer experience is of paramount importance. “With our global strength and local expertise we know what our customers’ needs are and will ensure we have specific and relevant solutions to meet these now and in the future.”