The Afrika Tikkun campaign will run for the duration of July to collect non-perishable grocery items for distribution to communities in need.

For Ivan Epstein, Mandela Day is about honouring one of the world’s most admired and revered leaders. Epstein, who is the co-founder and CEO of Softline, part of the Sage Group plc, says the company will kick-start an outreach project in support of Afrika Tikkun, a non-profit organisation, working towards empowering tomorrow’s leaders.

“Softline has been involved with Afrika Tikkun, over the past two years. The organisation works toward the transformation of South African communities by caring for vulnerable children and orphans in townships. It provides general services to the community but also focus on children aged one to 19, as well as their guardians,” explains Epstein.

He says he applauds the approach of Afrika Tikkun which aims to forge partnerships between industry and local communities to create self-sustainable projects in previously disadvantaged communities. The projects include the establishment and ongoing support of schools from pre-school to high school; and community and youth learning centres which provide an extracurricular learning environment for teens.

The company will also celebrate “30 years of Sage” in conjunction with Mandela Day. Taking time to honour the people of the company who help to make it the leading software provider that it is today.

At Softline, we believe in the principle of giving is receiving and hope that in every way, we honour what Nelson Mandela gives to South Africa and the world.”